Bunny TNT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to finding good homes for abandoned and otherwise displaced rabbits and educating the public in proper rabbit care.


Our Mission

To educate rabbit owners in the proper care and feeding of their pets as well as to provide social activities for domestic house-rabbits and participate in bunny-assisted therapy. Our goal is happy, healthy rabbits, long-lived and loved!

Adoption policies

All rabbits listed for adoption have been either spayed or neutered. Adoption fees are $75.00 for a male, $100.00 for a female, or $150.00 for a bonded pair. Fees include costs of spay/neuter surgery plus one year’s membership in Bunny TNT.

To adopt a rabbit, please schedule a consultation at the Bunny House where you will meet perspective bunnies. Fill out an adoption application and schedule a home visit. Adoption is normally finalized upon completion of the home visit, at which point payment of the fee is expected. Bunny TNT reserves the right to deny adoption if the perspective home environment is insufficient or hazardous to the health and wellbeing of the rabbit. We refuse to give out rabbits for food, breeding, or other commercial purposes.

Please help us in our mission to find good homes for wichita’s unwanted rabbits! make a donation today!