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Fall is approaching which means shedding for your bunny. Rabbits shed every three months, alternating between heavy and light amounts of hair loss. Some rabbits shed continuously, a bit at a time, while others experience what is referred to as, "blowing their coats" where the bunny loses a bunch of hair all at once. Most bunnies have 2 such 'blow-outs" twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Some rabbits may even develop bald spots during such heavy shedding. As long as the underlying skin is smooth, pink, and shows no signs of irritation or disease, this isn't a major concern. The fur should start to grow in a few days.

Rabbits are fastidious groomers. They insist on being clean & tidy and will lick themselves like cats, and like cats, they can get hairballs if they ingest too much hair. Unlike cats however, rabbits cannot vomit. If hairballs are allowed to form they can become gigantic masses of tangled hair & food and will block the stomach exit, causing the rabbit to starve to death while his stomach appears to be very fat.

Rabbits need to be brushed at least weekly. In addition to removing any loose hair, this weekly brushing session helps prepare them for the multiple daily brushings that they must undergo when their heavy shedding begins. Rabbits will shed in different ways. Some rabbits will take a couple of weeks or more to lose their old coat of fur. Other rabbits will be ready to get rid of their old coats all in one day and these rabbits are the ones that cannot be neglected once they start shedding. You can often remove a very large percentage of hair by just pulling it out with your hand. But, however you remove it, remove it as soon as possible or your rabbit will do it during grooming.

Along with grooming, providing your bunny with lots of fresh, clean water, daily access to hay and fresh leafy greens will help with any shedding issues.  These items will help your bunny’s digestive tract and aid in disposal of hair balls.



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