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May 2010


It is meeting time again. We are planning a cookout for
Sunday, May 16th. For those of us eating together, we will
meet at 1:00pm. The meeting itself will begin at 2:00pm.
We will be meeting at the horse barn on the Schuldt farm
at 15600 W. Central. We will be preparing hamburgers and
request that you bring a dish to share. So far, baked beans, chips, deviled eggs and soda have been volunteered. It will
be helpful for you to bring your own table service but extras
will be available for those who forget. Please come to the meeting even if you don’t plan to eat!

This meeting will be primarily social. We will talk about
bunny toys. If your rabbit has a favorite toy, you might
show or tell us about it. We will also discuss plans for our birthday bash in August at Exploration Place.



How do you keep a bunny from getting into things? Think
how you would train a 2 year old. You find something interesting for them to play with and they will soon forget
the other attraction. Most importantly, you need to be there.
At my house, it wasn’t long before the foster bunnies were getting out of the play area and getting into other things.
Once I started staying with the bunnies and watching them play, I realized that they wanted me to watch them play.
I’d praise them for the big hops and fun dances they
performed for me. It seemed that they were just like a
small child saying, “Look at me!” Don’t forget to praise
and reward your bunny for good behavior.


How do we nurture? Let me count the ways. Number one is
food which is heavy on the hay. Number two is love, which means giving your bunny attention with petting, games and toys. Number three is keeping your bunny safe and healthy. This means having a safe area for your bunny to live and
having regular visits to the vet to assure that your bunny is healthy and stays that way.


March 5th ,was the day Debbie Hauserman and I took bunnies to Catholic Memory Care Center. March 21st, we took bunnies to Riverside Nursing Home. The residents always enjoy their visits. Debbie Hauserman was there with Miss Lily, Stacy Pettyjohn with Domino, Kay Leiker with Shamrock and Clover. I took foster bunny Ms Frosty. Please let me know if you are interested in doing therapy with your bunny. There are many opportunities for
individual bunny visits. Little Frosty and Cinnamon continue to visit people in need of a bunny’s soft touch. I will be happy to evaluate your bunny to be a therapy bunny.

Lily and Domino at Riverside

Lily and Domino at Riverside

Clover and Lily at Riverside Clover, Big Fancy and Shamrock

Clover and Lily
Clover, Big Fancy and Shamrock at Riverside

Shamrock, Big Fancy and Clover at Riverside Nursing Home

Shamrock, Big Fancy and Clover at Riverside



Our last Bunny TNT meeting was held in February, Sunday, February 21st. It was a small meeting, but we were able to share information and added Janet and Rachel Smith to our club. PetCo held the meeting for us and gave me two big bags of hay for our foster bunnies. At this meeting, we shared and discussed our favorite web sites.




Debbie Hauserman and I took bunnies to Holy Spirit Preschool in Goddard on March 25th , where we were joined by Jody Gorges, and her bunny, Steve. I had both big and little Frostys with me. I told the kids I was having trouble telling them apart since they are marked alike and have the same name. It was funny how many ways they suggested to tell them apart
before one boy said, “That one is bigger.”It was a fun event
and the Kindergarten class was invited in to see the bunnies
as well.

Flopsy visiting at Holy Spirit "Big Frosty and Little Frosty"

Flopsy visiting at Holy Spirit
"Big Frosty and Little Frosty"

Bunny-Face, kid art

Bunny-Face, kid art




Hannah McDarty is in 4th grade at Hyde International Communications Magnet. She takes piano lessons and is involved in church activities and choir. She loves art, organizing her room, and playing with her bunnies, Rose and Coco.

She adopted this brother and sister team from Bunny TNT last August after begging her mother for years for a bunny. We couldn’t separate them since they enjoy each other’s company so much.

Rose & Coco share a large crate in Hannah’s room and have a new shelf that was built for them from barn wood so they can scratch or gnaw on it without problems, hide under it or jump up on it. They are so big they broke two plastic shelves by jumping on them! They like to snuggle up to each other and protect each other. They are Holland Lops Broken, white with tan spots (both bunnies) and gray/black spots (Coco only).

Hannah likes to cuddle and play games with her bunnies, observe them, and talk to them. She said they “tickle us and makes us laugh”. She lets them out in her room and sometimes has to go under her bed or send the cat to retrieve one! She built a “castle” out of cardboard boxes for them to hide, play, and chew on when they first arrived home.

Sometimes she takes them outside in a pen and lets them have time on the grass. Coco is much more sociable and friendly. For a long time, Hannah was concerned that Rose didn’t love her, but recently Rose has allowed us to hold her more and will even come up to Hannah’s lap. She still has an “attitude” and will often “thump” loudly if irritated.

They enjoy “free treats” when we pop up dandelions from the lawn (we don’t use pesticides or chemicals on the lawn); they also like turnip greens and the occasional bunny treat.
Hannah is looking forward to taking them to school to tell her classmates about bunnies and show off her beloved pets.

Hannah and Coco

Hannah holding Coco, (Rose is in the carrier)




Michael Webb, a founding member of Bunny TNT, works for Families Together. This organization provides support and services to families with disabled children to keep the family together. Each year, they have a walk as a fund raiser. This year it will be Saturday, August 28th at Sedgwick County Park. Two years ago, we had Brook and Madison Terstreip take pledges and take part in the walk. Rachel Cosloy and her dad David were there with bunnies to pet. Last year I attended
with bunnies.

Do any of you wish to participate this year? We can get pledges and take part in the walk or just take bunnies out for the participants to pet. Maybe some bunnies would like to be pulled along in a wagon. Being August, it might be too hot for them.
If you are interested, please let me know and I will tell Michael.


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